Three Minutes Of Misogyny

20 April 2011

The christian belief system at work. Look at this ass-hole.

Kissing Hank's Ass

8 March 2011

This is a great parody of the christian belief system. "Kissing Hank's Ass" is the title and was written by James Huber. There are many videos and other media that use this parody or part of it as the theme.

A Christmas Message From Bill Maher


Even Stevphen

1 September 2010

Islam vs Christianity, a rational debate on religion. A classic from Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell.

Two Mikes and a Rose.

24 June 2010

Video by youtuber, Ghettochild4ever, Michael Crosby. Michael has a conversation with a few members from NOSHA.

Peanut Butter bitch slaps the atheist community.

9 June 2010

Chuck Missler, using logic and reason, shines a bright light on the dumb deluded evolutionists.

In the film "A Question of Origins", Chuck Missler notes that no one has ever found that the non-living peanut butter had given rise to something living.


Wish comes true

24 May 2010

Youtubers philhellenes & jezuzfreek777 are transported back in time to watch evolution in action. This is an absolutely brilliant video.

philhellenes, Phil-Hell-Eenz(It rhymes with beans), never disappoints.


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